Episode 0: The Secret Origins of the Venture Bros.!

October 20th, 2020

Greeting adventurers! We are excited to welcome you to the newest show on Duckfeed.tv... ORB! It's a Venture Bros. recap podcast, hosted by Gary and Kole. We love the Venture Bros. It's one of the most ambitious animated series in the history of television. It has heart and it's hilarious. And we're excited to follow its ups and downs with you.

This first episode is a primer on the show, talking about its creators, its early days, its characters, and why we like it so much. The next episode will cover the pilot, The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay, and it will come out in one week.

Special thanks to Joshua Jarett for our cover art, Gwen May for our theme song, and Brayton Cameron for being our announcer.

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